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The Charles Crane Family Foundation  

Grant Proposal Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines:

Applicants should submit ten hard copies of their proposal. Many useful links for proposal writing can be found on the Maryland Philanthropy Network website for a suggested grant proposal format, please click here. Proposals should be sent to the Charles Crane Family Foundation, 6225 Smith Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209-3600.

All proposal documents should be submitted double-sided, if possible.

Proposals should be fully assembled and collated. Please do not submit proposals that require any further assembly for distribution to our trustees. Please do not submit proposals in folders or report covers. The ten copies should be stapled or clipped together in final form together with the signed cover letter. Only the budget and financial information relevant to the project should be included in the proposal sets.  

In addition to the proposal, please submit two separate copies of the organization’s financial statements. This should include an audit or comparable financial statement pertaining to the sponsoring organization. It can also include tax returns or other contextual information that you think will assist us in getting to know your organization. These documents should also be submitted as double-sided copies.

In addition to the printed copies of your proposal, please submit a scanned PDF version of your narrative and budget materials. These should be sent to Larry Ziffer at

Proposal Submission Deadlines:

February 15 is the deadline for Jewish education requests.
October 15 is the deadline for violence prevention requests.
If the deadline falls on a weekend, the proposals may be submitted by the following Tuesday.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for following these guidelines. This will ensure that all proposals are submitted to our trustees in a timely manner and will allow them ample time for careful review before each meeting.


Charles Crane Family Foundation, 6225 Smith Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209-3600